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band_icontest's Journal

Band Icon Contest
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Welcome to band_icontest where icons featuring the bands- A Perfect Circle, No Doubt, Incubus, Tool and Garbage will be submitted and voted on by members.

-Owned and run by tornfishnets and seducingdetour


1.\\You can only use the pictures provided unless stated otherwise, or it is a lyrical challenge.
2.\\One entry per person
3.\\ Your icon must be livejournal size! 40k 100x100
4.\\ No stealing!! If you do you will be banned. If you want to use an icon just ask someone if you can.
5.\\ Please don't use the icon until the challenge is over.
6.\\ Post you're entry in a new post, along with a link.
7.\\ The icon must be made completely by you.
8.\\ You cannot vote for your own icon. Also dont go around asking people to vote for you, your icon will be disqualified

Contest Timeline
\\The contests will begin on Monday and end on Friday, Voting will start on Saturday and end Monday and the new challenge will be posted.
\\Also whichever Mod isnt running the contest that week can participate in the contest if we wish to.

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